Product Licensing

New brand development takes time, is costly, and even with the right market research, without the proper brand strategy that only experience affords, can be full of unnecessary risk. Product licensing is the most effective way to leverage the name equity of a quality brand with the expertise of a manufacturer. When a high quality product is introduced into the marketplace through a product licensing agreement, both the brand and the licensee win—the brand is elevated and earns added revenue opportunities and consumer loyalty; and the licensee’s product has added value because it’s associated with a trusted name. At EDGE Consumer Brands, product licensing comes in two flavors.

First, EDGE licenses brands for the products we development and distribute. EDGE also creates brands for our own products that we license to retailers. However the licensing agreement comes to be, we understand the power of branding, ensuring every product is branded just right to create opportunities for quick wins. If you are a product manufacturer or retailer looking to expand your product lines or reduce in-house costs, EDGE is here to realize your vision.