Product Development

A great product doesn’t just come into existence. A great product development strategy requires an understanding of the category, the insight to realize the unmet demand of consumers, and the resources to coordinate product design with a global sourcing strategy, and marry those with brand strategy, distribution, and product marketing, all in a timely and cost-effective manner. Manufacturers and retailers come to EDGE to help with product development design to increase their market share in an existing category or for brand consulting and new product design and development to introduce the brand into a new category. To do this successfully, we study the market opportunity, and then work backwards to design a product that will have an impact in the category.

Price point. Feature set. Design. Quality of Materials. Existing technology. New technology. Color. How these different facets interplay together must be understood thoroughly before the first die is cast or the assembly line rolls. For a manufacturer looking to develop new products, EDGE is the answer. Our understanding of the process for developing a successful product along with our global reach ensures that the products we take to market are of the highest quality, meet the highest demand, and are profitable for manufacturers and retailers.