Global Sourcing

The global economy creates both opportunity and challenges for new product development. Depending on the level of expertise, a manufacturer or retailer may feel they have few options to bring a product to market, or that there are too many options to comfortably decide the best approach. That’s where EDGE comes in. We are a global sourcing company, and our market intelligence and global sourcing and procurement strategies provide manufacturers and retailers the best approach for delivering a great product, at the most economical cost, with the highest chance of winning in the market. EDGE has relationships with hundreds of manufacturers and retailers worldwide. Our global perspective allows innovative product design and development no matter the region or country. We speak their language, we understand their culture, and we know who the best fit partners are to produce their product line at the quality and cost they expect.

And while EDGE specializes in product development, global sourcing/manufacturing, and distribution, we are not category specific—we have helped expand manufacturers and retailers in over fifty retail categories. We source the highest quality materials when we design products, ensure the highest manufacturing standards, and offer a speed to market that meets the ever-changing needs of the consumer, strengthens the licensed brand, and builds trust with retailers. We do it for some of the most trusted brands in the world. We can do it for you.