Customer Support

At EDGE, we take pride in delivering a great customer experience from the start of a consumer’s research through the product’s life cycle and beyond. We stand by our product designs with exceptional warranties, and customer support teams who are well-versed in all of our products, so that no matter what the customer needs help with, they leave with a positive perception of the brand. All customers are different, and because of that, we offer a multitude of ways for each customer to get the information they need.

Warranty information and product manuals can be easily found online at our brand websites. If a customer needs to speak to a representative, we offer the convenience of live customer support through online chat seven days a week and toll-free phone support five days a week. Edge stands by our products, and we want our consumers to use them to their fullest potential. Whether it’s product support or general inquiry, our customer service and support teams are there to help by phone, chat, or e-mail.