Brand Development

Consumers rely on brands as a badge of quality. A product without a strong brand perception, no matter how good, is anonymous and inherently untrustworthy. But when a great product is delivered through a great brand experience, the opportunity for success increases dramatically. In addition to product design and development, and global sourcing and procurement, EDGE has over one hundred years of combined experience developing a brand, and we build brand strategies that work.

Every product EDGE puts into the marketplace requires a brand development strategy. Depending on the product or category, we take two approaches toward brand development:

Elevating an Existing Brand

Whether a trusted brand comes to us to develop a product, or we go to them because we see an untapped opportunity, we work with some of the best-known brands across a multitude of categories. While we use market intelligence to determine the best approach toward designing, manufacturing, and marketing a product that fulfills consumers’ demand, it’s the core essence of the brand—what it represents and what it serves––that is always kept top of mind in our approach toward making sure the product and brand align and elevate the other.

Creating a Distinct New Brand

In categories where other brands dominate, there is often an opportunity to disrupt the marketplace by creating a new brand that offers a competitive edge against the existing competition. The same mindset that we use to elevate our licensed brand partners we put toward creating a new brand. The difference is that at the start, we aren’t just introducing an innovative high-quality alternative, but also an alternative perspective from a new brand. We use market intelligence and insights to develop the right product with the right brand design and message that connects with consumers. Complemented by our best-in-class customer service, we build brand trust quickly by offering an exceptional customer experience from messaging, to purchase, and through the life of the product.